About us

Aarta Limited, a newly-established jewellery wholesaler and exporter, aims at combining the form of contemporary art with high quality materials into every single wearable piece of jewellery luxury. Aarta believes in 3 A (s); Ace, Art, and Assurance. Composing of these three important factors, Aarta will definitely make a leap in the current market by providing potentiality and highest standards in our collections.

Positioning our self-design products as cutting edge style of fashion, Aarta’s designers are devoted to create glamorous and stunning jewel pieces and are eager to become one of the trend leaders in the industry. With regard to the tone and the style, Aarta offers elegant, stylish and extensive collections of European-style jewellery pieces. Each piece is modern and easy-to-wear and carries its own personality. Nonetheless, we integrate our innovations along with consumer's preference to define the uniqueness of each masterpiece.

Aarta will be involving in numerous upcoming international jewellery trade shows. We are always ready to offer exceptional designs and endeavor to bring to life the beauty of gemstones in our collections. Aarta’s products will continue to exude sophistication and exclusivity and anticipate to produce more breathtaking masterpieces.

Contact us

E-mail: info@aarta.com.hk
Address: Unit N, 9/F., Winner Building, 36 Man Yue Street. Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3168 2163
Fax: +852 3168 2095